We are a team of researchers at the University of California-San Diego that takes a comparative approach to the study of human social cognition by studying child development across cultures, a variety of different non-human primates, and domesticated dogs.

Can our pets tell us what they are thinking?

Click here to read a recent news article from The Salon about our work with Bunny the “talking” Sheepadoodle.

What do gibbons (family Hylobatidae) understand about other minds?

Check out this recent article by graduate student Stephan Kaufhold, postdoctoral researchers Alejandro Sánchez-Amaro and Jingzhi Tan, and PI Dr. Federico Rossano about gibbons behavior in two food-competition tasks.

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We are offering lots of exciting online studies for children aged 3-9 and also pets! Click here to learn more about each individual study.

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We are always accepting applications for undergraduate research assistants. Dr. Rossano is also happy to talk with prospective PhD students or post-doctoral researchers.

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Thank you for your consideration in making a contribution. All donations go towards research expenses, such as hosting internships, conducting studies, and lab materials. We are incredibly thankful for any donations, no matter how small, any amount helps support our lab.





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